Irrigation Dept, Assam Section Assistant Exam Answer Key 2020: Sunday [02-02-2020]

Irrigation Dept Section Assistant Exam Answer Key 2020:Hello Readers Welcome to the Official Website. These questions are collected by us and completely memory-based. These are not the official answer key. We are collecting the questions, please comment on the question you have memorized. We will try to give the answer of these question as soon as possible.

We are pleased to publish Irrigation Department Assam Section Assistant Exam Answer Key 1st Shift and 2nd Shift dated 02nd February 2020 and exam analysis for the written test (Objective Type Multiple Choices), in connection with Irrigation Department Assam Section Assistant recruitment 2020.

Irrigation Dept., Assam Section Assistant Exam Details:

Irrigation Dept, Assam Section Assistant Exam Answer Key Details
Name of Post: Section Assistant
Total No. of Posts: 397
Date of Examination: 02-02-2020
Categories Answer Key
Exam Type: OMR based written Exam

Irrigation Dept Section Assistant Exam Answer Key 2020:

1. Who is the Chairman of ISRO?

Ans: K Shivan

2. How many teams participated in the ICC World Cup 2019?

Ans: 10

3. Missile man Of India?

Ans: Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

4. Ayodhya verdict has come out?

Ans: 9th November 2019

5. Lal Bahadur Shastri Cabinet 1964- Indira Gandhi was the minister?

Ans: Information and Broadcasting

6. When International Labor Day?

Ans: 1st May

7. Original Name of AR Rahman?

Ans: Dileep Kumar

Rahman was introduced to Qadiri Islam when his younger sister was seriously ill in 1984. He converted to Islam (his mother’s religion) with other members of his family in 1989 at the age of 23, changing his name from RS Dileep Kumar to Allah Rakha Rahman (AR Rahman)

8. Mount Everest Climb on which year?


Edmund Hillary (left) and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay reached the 29,035-foot summit of Everest on May 29, 1953, becoming the first people to stand atop the world’s highest mountain.

9. Who introduced QR bill first?


9. Who was the 1st sport’s ministry as a Sportsperson?

Ans: Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore

10. Which country hosts the 2022 winters & summer Olympics?

Ans: Beijing

Beijing was selected as the host city of the 2022 Winter Olympics after beating Almaty by four votes on 31 July 2015 at the 128th IOC Session in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

11. How many colours have in a Prism when…?

Ans: 7

12. Sudarshan Patnaik is celebrated Indian……..?

Ans: Sand Artist

Sudarsan Pattnaik (born 15 April 1977) is an Indian sand artist from Odisha. He was awarded the Padma Shri by Government of India in 2014.

13. Ashes Cricket Match Country?

Ans: England & Australia

14. Which of the following banned by Supreme Court?

A. Lithium
B. Lead
C. Lead
D. All of the Above

Ans: D. All of the Above

15. Which of the following is not Bihu festival

Ans: Karam Puja

Karam puja is the most important festivals of tea tribe communities of Assam with a view to propitating.

16. If today is Friday, After 41 days what will be the day

Ans: Thursday

17. Today is Friday, what will be the day after 87 days?

Ans: Monday

18. Sum of First 11 Natural Number?

Ans : 66

19. Which of the following companies became the first power utility to produce QR Code based Bill Payment System in India?

Ans: TATA Power

“Tata Power has become the first power utility to introduce QR code service for bill payments in Mumbai,”

20. The Book was ______(Published) in the year 1967.
(Make Out/ Went Out/ take Off)

Ans: Went Out

21. Find Odd- 225, 400, 175, 256

Ans: 175

22. Idioms- Tip of Hat Means?

Ans: tip of the hat (plural tips of the hat) (idiomatic) A gesture of acknowledgement; often, an expression of gratitude; originally by doffing one’s hat.

23. Which company was dragged to the Supreme Court for violating rules to implement the NRC project?


24. Old name of Myanmar

Ans: Barma

25. Palashi war___?

Ans: 1757

26. 2019 Education Commission Chairman is…?

Ans:- Dr K. Kasturirangan

27. Kapil Dev 1st Century against which team?

Ans: Pakistan

Irrigation Department Section Assistant Math Answer Key

Please Comment Answer

1. Find Next One :- 11, 21, 31, 41_____?


2. acd, bdc,cd________________?

Ans: (Plz Comment This Answer)

3. Find Odd:- 225, 400, 175, 256

Ans: 225

4.  AD: 35:: GH:?

Ans: 225

5. If + is:- then Fine- 3:- 5X8+2-10=

Ans: (Plz Comment This Answer)

6. Find the Blank- 9,11,8,10,7, ?

Ans: 9

7. Mean of 2,4,6,8,12

Ans: 6

8. Sum of First 11 Natural Number?

Ans: 66

9. 47, 50, 48, 51, 49____?

Ans: 52

10. 7, 10, 8, 11, 9_____?

Ans: 12

Irrigation  Section Assistant Exam Answer Key 2020- Evening Shift [01-02-2020]

1. The currency of Bulgaria?

Ans:- Lev

2. Human Commission rights held its meeting in….

Ans:- Geneva

3. 2019 Education Commission Chairman

Ans:- Kasturirangan

4. The first sermon of Budhha in…?

Ans:- Sarnath

5. Which Country gives Novel Prize

Ans:- Sweden

6. Bankers of Bank is?

Ans: RBI

7. Headquarter of LIC?

Ans:- Mumbai

8. Sunil Gavaskar 1st Century against?

Ans:- West Indies

9. Which of the flowing is the chemical formula of CO2

Ans: Carbon Di Oxide

10. The pencil is made from

Ans: Grafite

11. The winner team of 2019 ICC World Cup?

Ans:- England

12. MSME Full form

Ans:- Micro Small Medium Enterprise

13. Indian Shoulder Singing song in the USA….?

Answer: Badluram ka Badan

Irrigation Section Assistant Exam Answer Key 2020- Morning Shift [02-02-2020]

1. SENSEX Stand for….?

Ans: Stock Exchange Sensitive Index

2. ISO Stand for…?

Ans: International Organization for Standardization 

3. International Woman Day….?

Ans: 8 March

4. তিপু চুলতান ক’ৰ শাসনকৰ্তা আছিল..?

Ans: Mysore

5. Facebookৰ জনক কোন?

Ans: Mark Zuckerberk

6. অৰ্ণব গোস্ৱামী কোনটো News Channelৰ লগত জড়িত

Ans: Republic TV

7. সত্যমেৱ জয়তে বাক্যষাৰ ক’ৰ পৰা তুলি লোৱা হৈছে..?

Ans: Mundaka Upanishad

8. অসমৰ কোন গৰাকী মহিলাই “মৃত্যুবাহিনীৰ নেতৃত্ব প্ৰদান কৰিছিল?

Ans: পষ্পলতা দাস

9. Jaundice is related to which?

Ans:- Liver

10. Miranda is a Satellite of?

Ans:- Uranus

11. Synonyms of “Transfer”?

Ans: Pass on ‘Transfer’.

12. One in a Blue moon?

Ans:- Very rarely

13. Fashion designing  Institute?

Ans:- NIFI

14. নোবেল বটা কি কি বিভাগত প্ৰদান কৰা হয়?

Ans:- Physics, Chemistry, Physiology, Literature, Economics, Peace

15. নুমলিগড় Refinery কোন জিলাত?

Ans:- Golaghat

16. ২০১৯ৰ লোকসভা কিন নম্বৰৰ?

Ans:- 17th

17. Arundhati Roy কোনখন কিতাপৰ বাবে পুৰস্কাৰ পাইছিল?

Ans:- The God of Small Things

[18] 2, 6, ? 58

Ans: 18

19. Which is the first novel winner of Indian?

Ans: Rabindra Nath Thakur

20. GO=32, SHE=49 then SOME=?

Ans:- Plz Comment This Answer

21. What does the first number of the pin number look like?

Ans: District

22. স্বাভাৱিক সংখ্যা প্ৰথম ৩০ টা ৰ যোগফলৰ গড় কিমান?

Ans: 15.5

27.  For which game did Gautam Gambhir get the Padma Shri award?

Ans: Cricket

28.  She’s in _____ (bloom ) health .

Ans: Blooming

29. What was the earlier capital of Assam?

Ans: Shillong

30. When was Delhi India’s capital?

Ans: 13 February 1931

31. Who is the Chairman of CBI?

Ans: Rishi Kumar Shukla

32. What time are 154 minutes ahead of 10:30 P.M?

(A) 1:14 PM
(B) 1:14 A.M
(C) 1:04 P.M
(D) 1:04 A.M

Ans : (D)1:04 A.M

33. Who won the Gold medal at the 2017 Asian Boxing Championship?

Ans: Mary Kom

34. তলত দিয়া অমিল মাহটো কি?

Ans: February

35. What Children’s Rights Law?

Ans: RTE

36. If March 6, 2005, is Monday, what day will be March 6, 2004?

Ans: Sunday

37. Delhi was inaugurated as capital of India in?

Ans: 13th February 1931

38. What number is diffrent _____50, 5, 45, 15, 40, 25, 35 ?

Ans: 35

39. দুপৰিয়া ১০.৩০ PM ১৫৪ মিনিট আগৰ সময়টো কি?

Ans: 8.24 PM

40. The two numbers are in the 2: 7 ratio. If their LCM is 224, look for the larger number

Ans: 112

41.  ১ আৰু ১০০ ৰ মাজত কেইটা যমজ সংখ্যা থাকিব?

Ans: 9

42. The average of the first seven odd numbers

Ans: Ans: 9


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