Irrigation Department Assam Section AssistantExam Answer Key Download dated [01st February 2020]

Irrigation Dept Section Assistant Exam Answer Key 2020:Hello Readers Welcome to the Official Website. These questions are collected by us and completely memory-based. These are not the official answer key. We are collecting the questions, please comment on the question you have memorized. We will try to give the answer of these question as soon as possible.

We are pleased to publish Irrigation Department Assam Section Assistant Exam Answer Key 1st Shift and 2nd Shift dated 1st February 2020 and exam analysis for the written test (Objective Type Multiple Choices), in connection with Irrigation Department Assam Section Assistant recruitment 2020

Irrigation Dept., Assam Section Assistant Exam Details:

Irrigation Dept, Assam Section Assistant Exam Answer Key Details
Name of Post: Section Assistant
Total No. of Posts: 397
Date of Examination: 01-02-2020
Categories Answer Key
Exam Type: OMR based written Exam


1. Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay became the first humans to successfully climb to the peak of Mount Everest in the year of 1953

2. Seven colours do prism produce when while light or sunlight passed through it?

3. In Lal Bahadur Shastri’s cabinet at Indira Gandhi was first appointed as Information and broadcasting minister in the year 1964

4. K. Sivan is the present chairman of Isro.

5. Tata power company first introduced a QR code-based bill payment system in

6. Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore is the first sportsperson to become the head of
sports ministry

7. Dilip Kumar is the Real name of AR Rahman.

8. APJ Abdul Kalam is known as Missile man

9. Beijing city will host both the summer and winter Olympics 2022?

10. Sudarshan Patnaik is a celebrated Indian Sand Artist

11. Total 10 teams participated in ICC World Cup 2019

12. In between England and Australia, Ashes Cricket Series is played

13. On 9th November 2019, the Ayodhya verdict Came out.

14. 1st May is observed as International Labor Day

15. If today is Friday what day of the week is 41 days from now?

Ans: Thursday

16. Karam puja is not a type of Bihu

17. The entire ASSAM NRC project was handled by an IT company named WIPRO

18. Tip of the Hat idiom meaning…A gesture of acknowledgement; often,
an expression of gratitude.

19. Fertilizer: Farmer:: Baton: Police/Conductor

17. Which one is odd…169, 400,175,256


18.Complete the series…9,11,8,10,7

Ans: 9

19. What is the mean of 2,4,6,8,12

Ans: 6.40

20. AD: GH=25:__

Ans: 225

21. The old name of Myanmar is?

Ans. Barma

22. Which company dragged to the supreme court for violating norms in executing the NRC project?

Ans. Wipro

23. High court banned the chemical use of lead lithium mercury in firecrackers

Ans: All of the above

24. Kapil Dev’s 1st Century was against..?

Ans: Pakistan

25. If the word ‘Adventure’ written in the opposite direction, then the middle letter is…

Ans: N

26. It’s Difficult to (understand) what he’s saying?

Ans: Makeout

27. Sometimes Amit ____Silly mistakes.

Ans: Makes

28. Mix the sugar and the water _ a cup?

Ans: In

29. Active to Passive: Has he completed the work?

Ans: Has the work been completed by him?

30. I was amazed __ her knowledge of French Literature?

Ans: At

31. Spotting error:

You will been oblige/to sign a contract/before starting employment.

Ans: You will been obliges (Correct: You will be obliged)

32. Management is ___ ways of cutting costs.

Ans: Look for

33. The __details of the origin of life remains ___?

Ans: Precise, hidden

34. Synonym of Cruel.

35. Antonym of Abandon

36. Sum of First 11 Natural Number?

37. Find Next One -.11,21,31,41 ?

Ans: 51

38. If + is ‘:-‘ then Fine: 3:- 5X8÷2-10=?

Ans: 13


1.The currency of Bulgaria: LEV

2. Human Rights Commission held its meeting in Geneva for 6 weeks

3.Education commission chairman 2019:Dr. K. Kasturirangan

4. First Sermon of Buddha was held in Sarnath

5.The pencil is made up of Graphite

6.Sunil Gavaskar First century against West Indies in 1971

7.ICC 2019 World cup winner: England

8.CO2 Full Form: Carbon -dioxide

9. Battle of Plassey was held in 1757

10. Banker of Bank is RBI

11.US soldiers sang and danced to Badluram ka Badan with Indian soldiers

12.MSME full form- Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.

13. Noble prize is given by Sweden

14. Head Quarter of LIC is in Mumbai


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